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Best PAEDIATRICS hospital

A pediatrician is a pediatrician who not only provides acute medical care or chronic illness, but also offers preventive care for healthy children. Pediatricians manage the physical, mental and emotional health of children while caring for them at all stages of their development, whether in illness or in health.

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Pediatric care is different from adult care in many ways. The smaller body of a newborn or infant is not the same as the physical appearance of an adult. Thus, treating children is not the same as treating young adults. Congenital malformations, genetic mutations, and developmental problems are of greater concern to pediatricians than doctors treating adults. In addition, there are a number of legal issues in pediatrics. Children are minors and, in most states, are unable to make decisions for themselves. Issues of custody, confidentiality, legal responsibility and new consent should be addressed at all stages of the child’s affairs. For more details please contact us! 9818189404.

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