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Treatment for Piles

The Piles is a sinuous vein that exit into the anal canal. There are so many factors responsible for the swelling of the anal veins. The most common cause is chronic constipation. Under such conditions, patients have to make an effort to defecate, which puts pressure on the veins, leading to congestion and swallowing. When these veins rupture during the passage of hard stools or due to exertion, it causes the characteristic painless bleeding. Bleeding can be in the form of drops of fresh blood or jets of fresh blood. At this stage, bleeding is the only symptom that patients complain about. These are known as grade 1 hemorrhoids. When these congested rectal veins enlarge, the breast mass may bulge during a bowel movement. After defecation, the mass of the pile decreases by itself. This is called grade 2 internal hemorrhoids. If treatment is not taken at this stage, the disease progresses further, and the hemorrhoidal masses increase in size so much that after defecation they do not go inside on their own, but must be reduced manually. It is now labeled as internal grade 3 hemorrhoids. If the disease progresses further, the hemorrhoids increase in size to such an extent that it swells not only during bowel movements but also when walking, sitting, coughing and sneezing, etc. . These are now called grade 4 internal hemorrhoids. In the first and second stages of hemorrhoids, Kshar Karma therapy is performed together with infrared coagulation/sclerotherapy / elastic band ligation, which leads to stopping the bleeding and regression of the mass of hemorrhoids. No surgery is required. In the third and fourth stages of hemorrhoids, the mass of the pile is linked to Ksharsutra as an OPD procedure. After dressing, the piles disappear after a few days. No hospitalization or bed rest is usually required, and patients may return home after treatment. First of all, let me tell you that the most important decision in choosing a treatment for hemorrhoids is the quality of the doctor and the quality of the treatment offered. Therefore, it is very important to choose a doctor who knows what he is doing. SHANTI KUMUD HOSPITAL has a treatment for a problem that does not require surgery.

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